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ClicknCurl Blow Dry Brush

How To Use ClicknCurl

Wash and towel-dry hair. Apply styling spray and root booster of your choice.

Step 1: Attach a brush head to the easy release brush handle. Stand the remaining rollers on end in a convenient to reach location.

Step 2: Blow dry hair until about 90% dry. With a brush head attached to the handle, use ClicknCurl as you would a round brush to direct, brush and style your hair while using the blow dryer.

Step 3: Wrap a section of hair around the brush barrel starting from the end and wrapping down toward the roots. Use blow dryer as a heat source to heat the ceramic brush head. Wrap tight to the scalp and set the roller securely in place by giving it a little shake back and forth against the scalp. Press the release button on the brush handle and leave the roller in place.

Step 4: Repeat with next section of hair, leaving each roller in place. Dry hair completely.

Step 5: Allow the hair to set and cool. Remove the barrel rollers by unrolling each one up and out slowly.

Complete styling as desired.

Additional Safety Notes:

Ceramic/aluminium barrels may be hot during use with a blow dryer. Avoid resting a heated brush barrel against skin. Allow to cool before handling.

When using ClicknCurl, do not place hair dryer directly on the brush barrel, brush bristles or the hair.  This could result in damage to the brush and/or the hair.  The heat source should be a minimum of 5cm away from the brush barrel and remain in constant motion to avoid excessive, constant, direct and prolonged heat on the hair.

ClicknCurl is not suitable for extremely long hair. We advise not using if your hair is longer than 16 inches.