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Extra small full set

Extra small full set

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  • Brush Size: Small; 1 inch in diameter
  • Suitable for hair 7.62cm – 15.24 cm long
  • Set Includes: 5 brush barrels, 1 universal handle, 3 clips
  • Heat Element: Personal hair dryer – NOT included

ClicknCurl is the detachable round brush styling tool that allows you to achieve a salon quality small blow dry at home. It’s easy to use as a conventional round brush and produces results consistent with today’s hottest hairstyle trends – body, volume and loose flowing curls. Unlike other tools that require you to dry before styling, ClicknCurl allows you to dry and style all in one step. With ClicknCurl, you can achieve the look you need by the time your hair is dry and cool.

What makes ClicknCurl unique? ClicknCurl comes with a detachable handle that turns brush heads into rollers, allowing each section of hair to cool and set while you continue styling. Heat is what alters the molecular bonds in your hair and permits a temporary change in shape (straight to curled), but it is the cooling of the hair that allows the new shape (the curl) to be retained. After drying a section of hair with your blow dryer, simply detach the ClicknCurl brush barrel and allow your hair to cool while you attach the handle to the next brush barrel and move on to the next section of hair.

The small blow dry brush barrels are light, do not weigh down hair, and are vented for quicker drying time. The ceramic coating minimizes frizz, is easier on the hair shaft, heats fast and evenly, and cools just as quickly. Finally, the top of the brush head is flat, allowing it to stand on end.  This allows for an effortless transition from barrel to barrel while still holding your hair dryer.

The nylon bristles are stiff enough to create tension when styling, soft enough to avoid tangles and long enough to hold rollers in place without clips.

The lifetime warranty handle is lightweight, shaped for comfort, textured for a no-slip grip and has an easy release button for detaching the brush head.


  • Ceramic/aluminum brush barrels may be hot during use with a blow dryer. Avoid touching a heated brush barrel to the skin.  Allow to cool before handling.
  • When using ClicknCurl, do not place hair dryer directly on the brush barrel, brush bristles or the hair.  This could result in damage to the brush and/or the hair.  The heat source should be a minimum of 2 in. / 5 cm away from the brush barrel and remain in constant motion to avoid excessive, constant, direct and prolonged heat on the hair.
  • ClicknCurl is not suitable for extremely long hair. Please do not attempt to use this product if your hair is longer than 38 cm.